A cutting-edge persona poetry journal obsessed with coloring outside of the lines & pushing the limits of existence to new heights.

[Rob Sturma] - Vol. 1 Issue 2

Christopher Robin’s Break Up Note.

goodbye, winnie the pooh.

you told me this day was coming,

and you were honeypot spot on.

i am now too lanky and large for the jungle gym.

all my toys have been sold for books and tobacco.

pixie sticks just taste sickly sweet.

and i met someone.

she’s not stuffed with fluff, pooh bear,

she’s warm and maybe a little meaty.

but I like her brand of silk,

and she likes the grown-up way I handle things.

i will miss you all, pooh.  tigger and his madman ways.

poor sad eeyore, who will undoubtedly come apart

at the seams when he hears i cannot return.

at least rabbit has his kitchen and his common sense.

at least kanga and roo have each other.

i never realized how small the hundred acre wood was

until i walked out of it and got

too big.